Properly insulating your home will bring it to an even higher energy rating and a vastly improved level of comfort.

There are several different types of insulation. Your home or business may need one or a mix of the three most common listed below.

Cavity Walls Insulation

Cavity wall insulation has been used in Ireland for over 30 years and is one of the most important home renovations you will undertake. With a low cost and a high return on your investment it will also save you thousands of euro over the lifetime of your home. Heatloss through uninsulated cavity walls is said to be about 35% and with an average home costing €1500-2000 to heat, your savings could be €500 per year.

The process of cavity wall installation is very straight forward and is usually completed in less than one day. There are a series of small holes drilled on the outside of the house through which the bead is injected with an adhesive which binds the beads together. This forms a layer of insulation that has no joints and gets into every open space within the cavity that conventional board insulation cannot cover. The holes are then patched up using a sand and cement mortar and where possible a dye is added to get the holes to match as close to the original colour as possible.

Attic Insulation

Around 25 % of heat is lost through the roof of your home. By simply insulating your loft, you will not only be making your home more energy efficient but you will be saving hundreds of euro per year on your energy bills. You will also make your home warmer and more comfortable to live in as well as doing your bit to help reduce green house gases.

With ever increasing fuel prices set to rise year after year, you need to act now to combat heat loss.

Building regulations stipulate that to meet today’s standards your attic
should have a minimum of 12 inches (300mm) of insulation. If your attic
insulation does not meet these standards please call Leetherm and request a free home energy survey.

Our qualified building surveyor will survey your property and let you know
what measures you require and what grants or discounts are available for your home.

External Insulation

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a composite cladding system comprised of suitable insulation and waterproof coating which is applied to all the external walls of a building. The application of EWI reduces heating bills, and consequently, carbon emmisions also. External Wall Insulation (EWI) is the most efficient way to insulate an existing solid wall building.

It uses the fabric of the building like a storage radiator. Because the heat can no longer escape through the outer layer of insulation, it is reflected back into the living areas, creating a constant warm home. That’s why Polar Bears have their insulation on the outside!

With up to 35% heat lost through external walls, EWI can help reduce your heating bills by up to 35%. It can also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting your CO2 emmissions by up to 2.5 tonnes per year.

If you have a an Insulation Issue or query get in touch and we’ll give you a consolation and a free quote

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