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Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall insulation is now hi-tec but still very simple in application. We drill holes in the wall and pump in polystyrene beads which create a thermal layer. And then we fill the holes.

Don’t let anyone pump beads into your house which don’t comply with the regulations because you’ll never get them out again. LEETHERM is accredited with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (No. 10470). It is vital that anyone who works on your building has such accreditation. We are also a registered installer of Bonded Bead with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (No. IAB/161).

We specialise in the installation of Envirobead Insulation. Envirobead is an expanded polystyrene material which improves the thermal qualities of the insulation and is environmentally friendly. You can’t get better.

Oh yes. Have a look at how some houses have been left after Cavity Wall insulation. You’ll know them by the large spots on the outside walls.

At LEETHERM, we do our best to leave your house looking the way we found it. We cannot always match the outside rendering exactly but we do try. We take a pride in taking that little bit of extra care.

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