Test Your Home for Harmful Radon
Know if you & your family are at risk

Gas and Oil Installation

Boiler design has improved immeasurably. Innovation has genuinely brought high efficiency within the reach of every householder. We’ll explain how to translate that into savings for your household budget.

But you still have to service your boiler. This will prolong its life, keep its efficiency at optimum levels and deliver on that promise to cost you less. And then there’s the safety side. Please don’t skimp on the safety.

Call us to arrange a service or just an inspection. The person who calls will have all the right qualifications. He’ll clean, inspect and repair the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ sides of your boiler. He’ll check the gas input pressure, analyse the levels of carbon dioxide and test for carbon monoxide. And then he’ll give you a free computerised analysis report confirming that your boiler is operating at maximum efficiency and is safe to use.

We call it ‘peace of mind’.

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